Contact Chairman McEwen to be included in this important Election Program and Accountability Project

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Those used to working behind closed doors are the most uncomfortable when those doors are opened. When people strive to do their best in every situation they become reliable, trustworthy, credible, honest and forthright.
Help Santa Cruz County achieve the most legitimate and efficient election in the State by volunteering now. Assure Every Legal Vote is Accurately Counted.

Training by the Santa Cruz County Election Department is required. Please contact the County Election Department for this training. The Santa Cruz County Republican Committee is also providing Election and Poll training. Please contact Chairman McEwen at for information.

Poll workers count ballots inside the Maricopa County Election Department in Phoenix, Arizona on November 5, 2020 (Photo by OLIVIER TOURON/AFP via Getty Images)

Double Eyes and Eagle Eyes create No Surprise.

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