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Candidate Commentary: Republican Briefs May 12, 2022

UPDATE: 6-7-2022 visit

About a month after saying city staff was holding off on its annexation attempt, City Manager Edward Dickie told Nogales’ elected officials that the effort is still underway. “It wasn’t put on hold,” Dickie said during a regular Nogales City Council meeting last Wednesday. According to Dickie, the Tucson-based firm The Planning Center is continuing to study the potential impacts of the annexation proposal, which would roughly triple the size of Nogales. Researchers could be ready to present the study in August or September.

Cost of Planning Study: $35,000

Population and revenue: For the Annexation 1 area shared revenues could yield more than $1.17 million each year and Annexation 2 area, shared revenues could yield more than $219,000 annually for the city.

DEBORAH MCEWEN, LD21 House write in candidate: Santa Cruz County received good news this week as it was announced that the annexation efforts of the City of Nogales was placed on hold again. The initial annexation attempts had been attempted in 2013, again in 2019 and yet an expanded plan to add Kino Springs and the Nogales International Airport in 2021.

With Nogales city services struggling to maintain employees and competitive wages, residents and land owners of the proposed areas are hesitant, if not vehemently opposed, to the current mayor’s plan. Chronic turnover of the City Manager and dysfunction of city management that works under a Charter does not instill confidence in Santa Cruz County residents. Annexation cannot continue without the over 50% approval of those people affected. Thought it has not been stated who was paying for these “planning studies”, the county residents and landowners appear resolute in their desire to not be annexed with the struggling City of Nogales.

This is exactly what citizens are supposed to do in cases of suspected government overreach. Ask the questions. What benefits the landowners? What cost has it been, and will it be, to city residents? How will this improve the implementation of the Charter, the stability of the City Manager or improve employment and competitive wages for that matter?

As candidate for AZ House LD21, I encourage these questions from my constituents and advise them to begin with the grassroots level of governance and ask the City of Nogales “what is the motivation for annexation?”

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