Grassroots to PC to LD to MAL to SC: How Voters can make a difference by participating in the political structure of Arizona.

As a Voter you will influence what happens in your City, County, Legislative District, Congressional District, State and Presidential elections. That is, if you actually vote.

At the 2020 elections, the lowest proportions not voting were in Minnesota (20 percent) and Colorado and Maine (both at slightly less than 24 percent). Arizona voted at 76.5%.

2020-  one-third of eligible voters, approximately 77 million Americans, did not vote in the November presidential election.

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Grassroots – the Citizen Voters

PC – Precinct Committeeman: Elected or Appointed, represents up to 125 registered voters in your precinct

CC – County Committee: Executive Board and PCs which represent all County Voters of your political party

LD – Legislative District: designated population area which your State Representatives and Senator represent

MAL – Member At Large: One of 3 Elected PCs who represent all PCs in your Congressional District

CD – Congressional District: designated population area which your US Congressman represents

SC – State Committeeman: 1 Elected PC allotted for every 3 PCs, serves on the State Executive Board, represents all PCs their County.

State Executive Board – State Chairman, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, etc.