This Pistol is a Glock, Model 45, 9mm. It has 3ea. 17 round magazines, speed loader and 2 additional custom grips for hand size, hard case and cleaning rod. The pistol is able to use the 40 round magazine accessory (not included).  18-round capacity. Tickets are transferable to a non-restricted buyer.
Call  406-531-0459 for details.

Winner must be 21 years old and not be a restricted purchaser. For more information call 406-531-0459.

100 tickets sold. Drawing takes place at 6PM, Tuesday , Feb 21st at the regular meeting of SCCRC. See every calendar for location or call 406-531-0459 for more details.


Upcoming Christmas raffle – DRAWING FEB 21ST – TUESDAY, 2023, 6PM

Past Raffle Oct 11 WINNER – #20 – Prize Claimed.

Past Raffle Sept 6 WINNER – #72 – Prize Claimed.

Past Raffle June 14 WINNER – #92 – Prize Claimed.

Past Raffle May 18 WINNER – # 34 – Prize Claimed.