Be a Poll Worker, Observer, or Counting House Tabulator

The Santa Cruz County Republican Committee Chairman submits names to the County Elections Director for assignment to positions and poll locations throughout Santa Cruz County.

SCCRC works diligently to provide the most comprehensive Elections Training in collaboration with the AZGOP, SCC Recorder, SCC Elections Director, AZ Citizens Clean Election Commission, and many other voter-related organizations.

Contact the SCCRC Chairman at

Join us to Chase the Vote!!

In 2022, 350,000 mailed ballots were not voted and returned for counting. Voter turnout was at a low 63%. Come on Arizona. We can do better than that. With all the options given to voters today, there is no excuse to not vote your ballot. Don’t know the candidates? Get a Voter Pamphlet and do your homework or ASK. Don’t understand the Propositions and Referendums? Get the pamphlet or ASK. Don’t have time to vote? Bul____it! Voting is now at least 28 days long with absentee and permanent early voting options as well as Special Elections Services if you are informed or physically unable to get to the polls.