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We’re working hard on Election Integrity Issues; just one of many issues in Santa Cruz County.

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From education and taxes to administrative over-reach and crime, the SCCRC is taking on issues that affect your life, livelihood and safety right here in Santa Cruz County. But we can’t do it alone.

We need your help. If you cannot donate your time, please consider donating any amount to help us continue our work.

As we enter a new election cycle we are actively recruiting conservative candidates who will not shirk from their duties or compromise conservative values and ethics.

Voter registration drives are necessary to increase our Republican numbers. Redistricting has changed our boundaries but will not change our unwavering resolve to repel the threats of Marxist liberalism against our Constitutional Republic of States.

With your assistance, SCCRC can reach out to all citizens of Santa Cruz County, our Legislative District and our Congressional District. We will build a strong community where equality, free enterprise and quality education thrives. Arizona will be successful and strong against aggressors who threaten our Constitution and American Culture.

Join us today. We’ve got a Country to save!

Donate to your local Santa Cruz County Republican Committee