Request to Speak on a Bill at the Arizona Legislature

How to get logged in and comment on a proposed Bill

You will need to preregister in person at a Kiosk at the Phoenix capitol building or the Tucson State office building prior to using your login for making comments online.

If you are unable to travel to one of these locations to register you may contact the Santa Cruz County Republican Committee Officers to get assistance with this process.

From our experience and from speaking with legislators directly, it is obvious that this system is being abused by PAC’s and other groups to flood the system with mass responses. I personally have witnessed lobbyists loading login after login to saturate the system with special interest group member names in order to manipulate the statistics Pro and Con for a bill.

I have also spoken with legislators who admit that they do not rely heavily on the RTS numbers as an indicator of the support or opposition to a Bill. Their preferred method of legitimate opinion reporting is still a PHONE CALL.

Our legislators are savvy to the games of lobbyist and PAC’s and prefer direct communication with their office on issues that matter most. Their staff are trusted and competent associates who can relay your message in a clear and comprehensive manner. Please use them for that purpose.

This is the information that will be required at the time of initial sign-up (pre-registration) at the Phoenix or Tucson State offices. Please call the SCCRC contacts listed on the Reference page on this website if you would like assistance with this step of initial registration.

Come on people – We have a country to save!