The Principled Republicans have left the room and been replaced by an unrecognizable mob of misfits

The Rational Republican

Jun 04, 2024

“The Arizona Republican Party has a new mascot. After an informal and unofficial meeting of the Arizona Disruptors (the de facto party) held through their “let’s all jump off the cliff together” extremist right-wing media allies, have, without anyone’s consent and without bylaws, voted to nearly unanimously adopt the hippopotamus as their mascot.  Those who didn’t agree were escorted from the Zoom meeting.

The hippo is the perfect animal mascot. It reflects the “hypo”critical nature of their new “brand” of Republicanism.”

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Churning the waters and pooping in their own pool…

“Emotions kick in when people are feeling powerless. We can win, but it will require thinking differently about the problems we face and keeping an open mind. After all, knowledge is power. One of the advantages the Disruptors use against their followers is the lack of civics knowledge possessed by them. This allows the Disruptors to present their own version of civics that’s often misleading. Being told what to think is another hallmark of communism. This struggle is not going to be won by violence, as it would appear that is where some Disruptors are leading people. It will only be won by employing wisdom, critical thinking, analytical, and creative problem-solving skills which everyone can learn. Our founders knew that the survival of our republic rested on an educated and moral electorate. Only through education can we muster the resources needed to save our Republic.”

By MainGOP