It’s not Political Science – it’s Social Science for Candidates.

What allows people to Prosper? It’s good schools, property rights, low and fair taxes, trade, sound money, effective courts, freedom to work, save, invest, create a business, sound government, and freedom from corruption.

Who allows people to prosper? Civil Servants who show confidence, mental toughness, strength, humility, empathy, and that they are one of the people.

These are just a few topics covered in the Arizona Conservative Campaign School held in Phoenix on June 1st.

Santa Cruz County citizens attended the one-day intense training provided by the Leadership Institute. Instructors Ron Nehring, a strategist and communication expert, and David Reade, a consultant and strategist, did not disappoint.

From left to right, attendees from Santa Cruz County were Jesus Jerez, Candidate for County Supervisor District 3; Colleen Bathe, Campaign Manager; Steven McEwen, SCCRC Chairman; Blanca Navarro, Chief Campaign Financial Officer; and Gerry Navarro, Candidate for County Supervisor District 2.

The Leadership Institute offers instruction on a variety of civic issues. You can find their complete course schedule at